Our Health Care System – A Different View

I recently read an article in Politico titled something like “One last time, the Senate GOP is trying to repeal Obamacare”. I forgot the precise title but that what it came down to.

In the following article, Dr. Oz explains in a pretty good way all about the American Health system, though the video is already some two years old:

The main concern in the article was the fact that they (GOP) want to, “scale really back the role of the federal government in the system of our nation’s healthcare but rather provide the states with block”.

The whole purpose of the federal government getting involved in health care, in the first place, is the very fact that the states couldn’t manage the healthcare system.

If you give the states block grants of money, most of the money will not end up in the health care system, it will end up in balancing their budget.

For example, social security is a solvent system, you pay into it but the federal government strips the money from it for other projects. That is why social security is going bankrupt. The same thing will happen with health care, they will strip the money to pay for other projects.

What I don’t understand, what will be the formula for providing block grants, and the amount of money needed for each state? Why not do a cheaper alternative by actually paying the subsidiaries. And protect your 401k in case you’ll die before retiring. You would only pay for the subsidiaries for the people actually using health insurance instead of providing a block grant wasting twice as much.

I would love to see a jobs bill put forth to bring the jobs back to where American citizens would be able to have insurance and reduce the costs.

The biggest problem with the insurances companies right now is the Republican party trying to get rid of ACA. The Affordable Care Act works if the Republican party lets it alone and fixes the mess they created.

After seven years of trying to repeal and replace, they still don’t have a plan in place, if anything, the ACA actually shows how sick America actually is. If the Republicans actually repeal with a substandard plan, like the plan they are putting forth, this country will actually get worse. And if it gets worse for you, please be careful when making early withdrawals from your 401k plan. Very careful!

Watch what they write into the law, the second thing that they want to do away with is making employers provide healthcare. This is a very bad idea, for the simple fact if your employer no longer provides healthcare then you will either buy it on the market and pay twice as much or do without since you no longer have to buy insurance. So if you need to use the healthcare system you will pay full price, something to think about. My wife is a PA and her employer negotiates the cheapest rates.

The problem with the ACA is that the insurance companies didn’t expect sick people to buy insurance and use it, and that is what happened. Americans actually used the product they paid for and if you want to learn more about how to avoid common mistakes with 40k plans, check out this post.

The Health insurance company is no different than any other insurance companies. if you own an automobile you have to have auto insurance, if you use it they raise your rates. If you have homeowner insurance, if you use it they raise your rates. Health insurance is no different. All Insurance companies are there for is to make a profit.

If the government really wants to improve healthcare, rework the laws for the insurance companies. That is the biggest obstacle. The health insurance industry has lobbyists for this very fact, not to rework the laws to benefit the average American citizen but keep in mind that, even when you’re broke, you still may enjoy your retirement years. Follow the money in how much is donated to the campaigns that are against the ACA.

Remember the ACA was a product of the republican think tank the Heritage group in that Mitt Romney put in place when he was governor of Massachusetts. He even stated he would like to see his state used as a model for the rest of the country.

If you have any comments would love to hear them.