7 Ways to get Debt Free through 2019

Welcome to the American dream – get into as much debt as possible. Oh yeah, that’s not the dream, just the reality of what happens. What was the dream again?

Whatever it was or is supposed to be, most people these days dream of being debt free. So get ready to dream while I share 7 ways to get debt free in 2019. See also this March update video on how to stay debt-free:

Stop Spending Money You Don’t Have

The logic behind this is indisputable. Yet aren’t we all guilty of spending money we don’t have or overspending on occasions and experiencing a little buyer’s remorse.

Loans and credit cards make it easy to buy that new car, television, boat or even a riding lawnmower with four-wheel drive that we don’t really need. Lesson number one: stop spending money you don’t have. Only use your credit cards for emergencies or spend what you have budgeted to pay them off each month.

Create A Budget and Use It

Your budget is your best friend. It will support you to become debt free, but you’ll need to listen. Follow these steps when creating your budget and avoid common mistakes (take it from an older guy):

  • Get all of your financial records together.
  • Make a list of all of your sources of income.
  • Make a note of your total monthly income and try to save something so later in life, you can use your 401K to set up your own real estate imperium!
  • Make a list of all of your monthly expenses.
  • Separate your expenses into fixed and variable.
  • Total your monthly income and monthly expenses. Any excess income, you will want to put into your expenses list for things like savings, retirement, investments, etc.
  • Make sure to allocate all of your income so that your income column equals your expense column.
  • Review your budget monthly. Pay close attention to variable expenses. Make adjustments as necessary.

Create An Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is extremely important. An emergency can deplete your income and make you feel hopeless. You will want to make your emergency fund part of your budget. Be sure to contribute to this fund weekly or monthly and don’t ever touch it unless it is actually an emergency. Consider opening a separate savings account that is only used in case of emergencies. You may also consider setting up an early retirement plan. Who knows, when you’re successful later on, you may want to think about earlier retiring, don’t you?

Create and Monitor An Online Checking Account

An online checking account is easy to monitor. Monitor at least every other day or once a week. Having an online checking account keeps you up-to-date daily with what is being spent and deposited. Being on top of your finances keeps you on track to achieve your goals.

Utilize A Plan of Attack Approach For Existing Debt

This is a great way to not only get rid of debt but to begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel – commonly known as hope. Follow these steps to become debt free this year:

  • Create a list of all your accounts, including loans and credit cards, you owe money on
  • Make sure your healthcare insurance is in order to avoid further risks.
  • Put the accounts you owe the least on at the top of the list from least to most, but keep in mind the interest rates being charged
  • Pay the minimum payment for each account, except the account at the top of the list
  • Take all the extra money you can get your hands on and pay it toward the account at the top of the list
  • Once the account at the top of your list is paid off – move down to the next account and repeat until all accounts are paid

Work On Increasing The Gap Between Income and Expenses

Commonly known as living below your means, this can be accomplished in two ways. One, increase your income. Two, decrease your spending. Figure out how you can save on those variable expenses. Figure out how you can make a little extra cash. Read also: “Protect your 401k in case you die early” and learn more about avoiding risks.

Buy Used Instead of New

You don’t always need to purchase everything brand new. You can get great deals on used items. Consider buying the following items used:

  • Cars
  • Clothing
  • Transportation
  • Furnishings
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Video game consoles/systems

Tis the season to be fearless. You can overcome your debt in 2019 as long as you’re brave enough to accept the challenge. But at the same time, keep in mind that you can also enjoy retirement later on in life, even when you’re broke. A highly informative article!